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page 71 CANADA
1st page
Aug.7, 2000:
Ontario, Krista Foss, The Globe and Mail, Mount Albert, Tim and Terry Boadway, Millbrook, Frank Tersigni, Puslinch, Vickie Heard, nausea, Toronto, Min.Environment, formaledehyde, Canadian Water and Waste Water Association
page 72 CANADA
2nd page
Aug 7, 2000:
Min.Environment, John Mayes, Guelph, Puslinbch, Weber Septic Service, Breslau, Tersigni, Mount Albert, Boadway, Brent Brethour Septic Tank Pumping, Maureen Reilly, Cavan Township, Millbrook, Allin, Anne Marie Scheuneman, perfumed pillow, Jamee Chatten, Bruce hancock, Peterborough
page 73 CANADA
3rd page
Mar 30, 2001
Ontario, Stanley and Beatrice Bara, airborne pathogens, Terratec, Cedarville, Lymphoma, Min. of Environment, E.coli, Glenn Norman
page 74 CANADA
4th page
Mar 30, 2001
Pennsylvania boym 1994, motorcycle, U.S. Center for Disease Control, class B sludge, hazard-identification warning, Ohio sludge factory, biosolids, Hillsburgh, Guelph, porable toilet Grand and Credit Rivers, Aberfoyle Springs
page 75 CANADA
5th page
Mar 30, 2001
Aberfoyle Springs, Bob Elliott, Ms. Scheuneman,
page 76 CANADA
6th page
Jan 17, 2001
Amaranth, raising a stink, Wes Keller, the Star, Dufferin-Peel, Toronto, North Wellington, Hamilton, Terratec Environmental Ltd., Reeve Bob Currie, pathogens, aquifer
page 77 CANADA
7th page
Jan 17, 2001
Currie, Amaranth, E. coli , Walkerton, Southgate Mayor Don Lewissludge as fertilizer, Southgate, moratorium, Andy Dominski
page 78 CANADA
8th page
Nov 4, 2001
Toronto sludge, Michele Landsberg, Glenn Norman and Michelle Goodeve, Min of Environment, Walkerton, E.coli, pilots, Saugeen River
page 79 CANADA
9th page
biosolid, Glenn Norman, slimy globs, ooze, Cedarville, conflict of interest, Kiyoshi Oka, Toronto, hysterical, misinformed, salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, cryptosporidium, giardia, enteric viruses, Journal of Animal Science, sheep, pigs, lesions of liver and thyroid gland, cadmium, Queen's Park, politicians
page 80 CANADA
10th page
after August, 2000
Gerald Hurkens, beaver fever, giardia lamblia, terrible headaches, hoarseness, burning eyes, wheezing, shortness of breath, nausea, cframps, diarrhea
page 81 CANADA
11th page
after Aug.2000
cows, contaminated well, nosebleeds, bad rash, diarhea, vomiting, sludge
page 82 CANADA
12th page
May 15, 2001
Email, Virginia Kostiuk, Castleton, Dr. Robert Jin, Min. Health, Environmental Health and Toxicology Unit, Ontario, asthma, biosolids, Cramahe, Azurix North America, Phil Sidhwa, Dr. Monica Campbell, Jack Layton, Bob Pickett

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